Office Manager
Emmanuel Hernandez

Emmanuel Hernandez is a lifelong Las Vegan who graduated from Cimarron Memorial High School and later attended the Hank Greenspun School of Communications (now the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies) at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He has extensive experience in working with the public having worked for various utility services in Nevada and having also been employed at different times by the City of North Las Vegas, the State of Nevada as well as the Nevada System of Higher Education.

Emmanuel has been employed in the legal industry for over ten years.  Emmanuel started his legal career with Mr. Hayes in 2009 and was with him when Mr. Hayes started his own law firm in 2010.  Emmanuel worked his way up from accounting, paralegal and management positions to Chief Administrative Officer.   Through his many years of managing Mr. Hayes’ law firm, Emmanuel has solidified himself as an indispensable part of the firm.  When Mr. Hayes and Mrs. Wakayama partnered in 2020, HAYES | WAKAYAMA immediately retained Emmanuel to continue as the firm’s Chief Administrative Officer.

Outside the office, he tries to spend time on the golf course whenever possible as a lifelong and avid golfer. A fan of most sports, Emmanuel would say that the sport he follows closest (other than golf) is pro football. He would happily say that he is a rabid Las Vegas Raiders fan (having been one since the LA Raider days, and he is exceedingly thrilled that the Raiders have moved to our hometown). He also considers himself a bit of a writer with samples of his writing published in Sports Illustrated at the age of 16 and having written various letters, announcements, memos and things of that sort along all of the stops throughout his professional career.

At HAYES | WAKAYAMA, Emmanuel is proud to be part of team that puts clients first and ensures that their experience with the firm is of the highest quality. To that end, Emmanuel strives to make certain that our clients are provided with the care, service and utmost professionalism they deserve.